My First Streaming Video Network.

Grand Opening Day Ended at Near Sunset the Same Day, Oct. 1, 2003.

18 Years Later it's IGNITOR TV.

About us BB Box TV 1.0 2003

BB Box TV 2.0 as IGNITOR TV in 2022

On Oct. 1, 2003 a new streaming technology startup was launched in Albuquerque, NM.


We had invested in Israeli military streaming technology made commercially available and it was time to go live.


This very same streaming technology we were using also streamed the 100th Annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. (Emblaze Video and Emblaze Audio.)


BB Box TV was 2 years prior to the aquistion of YouTube.com by Google.com for 1.65 Billion dollars.


I projected of a billion views a day. Today YouTube.com is streaming 1 billion+ views a day and that does not include all of the commericals played during those views.


Why is this important to you?


Ignitor TV / Studios is the rebirth of that dream but far more powerful than my first mover launch in 2003.


On July 7, 2007 I'd regaind my strength to begin to regroup and get back into the saddle.


Paid to View, Read, Listen, Watch, Refer and Share is the ideal solution for getting the economy relaunched.


It's not a new concept. Millions of people are clicking for pennys.


We are talking about the ability to each upto $20.00 per hour per day as our benchmark for consumers.


IgnitorTV.com is designed to give everyone a level playing field and an authentic rewards program for regular viewers on social media, but don't get paid.


This is a solution to recieve a part of the revenue paid to our talented producers, entertainers events for sharing your insights and just watching a 20 second lead in commercial.


The vision is to start with you earning credits for your engagement while we work through improving the viewer experience.


What you do with IGNITORTV.com for others, for yourself is a solid cornerstone for building a world where more financial success is more the norm than the exception.

Our Vision:


To Prosper Creators and their Target Audiences with Real Value for their Audiences Time Engaged in their Content.

Oct 1, 2021, marks the 18th Anniversary of that faithful day of the first launch of BB Box TV.


By bringing my vision to the current competitive reality, I've reopened the doors of this dream again.


Beginning Oct 1, 2020 IGNITORTV.com opened to recruit:


  1. StartUps
  2. Influencers
  3. Syndicators
  4. Freelancers
  5. Local Business
  6. Government Agency's
  7. The Healing Professions
  8. Non-Profit Faith Networks
  9. Shop at Home Businesses
  10. Entertainment & Event Producers
  11. Coaches, Consultants and AD Agency's
  12. Artist, Authors, Podcasters, Film Makers and TV Producers


Starting in 2022 the next level of this network will come to light.


IGNITORTV.com 2.0 / The 2022 Release Road Map

Once the  Syndicators, Affiliates Advertisers, Content Marketers, and Brand Partnerships are onboard, the 2.0 version will have the following features focusing on Paid To View for Consumers:


1. Each 20-second ad will feature a cash or credit payout for viewing the pre-roll advertisement.


2. Your Credit Wallet will be funded immediately and the cash portion will be credited upon verification of view.


3. Cash Payouts will be made available for withdrawal once $21.00 is attained in views, surveys, polls or other engagement offered to achieve a Viewer Reward.


4. The ability to Stream Live Events and Showcase Your Store with our Virtual 360 Retail Video Tours. This allows your customers to shop with ease while live streaming with you for optimum sales fluidity. Excellent new customer support tools such as our live video chat feature are still just the tip of the iceberg.


With these advancements, it easily moves humanity into 21st Century Retailing for creators, customers, and shop owners.

Our Mision:


To be the Bridge Between the Talented and those

Needing to be Entertained, Educated and Employed.

"those who hold the eye's own the gold"

Scott Thompson, 7/07/2007