The exposure that Makes Cents.

It's simple. Buy the Exact Prospect You Want every time.

Mass advertising in the 20th Century was the only way to get the word out. Targeting clients was difficult, but it had its advantages during that era.


Since the Internet has matured, you now have the ability to target just the audiences that are highly interested in your widget. It's no longer reasonable just to throw money at advertising, you must invest in advertising that has evergreen value, is monetizable, and is seen by the exact target demographic you want every time.

How to monetize ad spend and what is asset-vertising? 

When a client purchases one of our Mini Magazines (MM), the MM has multiple ad spots.


If you are the primary publisher of that niche issue, your ad slots are open for rent. This allows you to publish the material most important to your audience, and then rent ad space to those needing to be introduced to that target audience. You can invest in Flip Mags and earn income by offering that soft ad spot as their introduction. Complimenting advertisers buy your space.  That's Asset-Vertising.

What is so big about video podcast magazines (FlipZine)?

Newspapers are sliding off the face of the earth. Steaming is Big now. Podcasting is leaving radio in the dust, and who knows who saw your TV spots?


Television is lagging and not on top of its game-like cable who can tell you who watched your ad, but newspaper, radio, and television are only using the same measuring stick, averages.


Finally, to get your next customer, you need to be exactly where they are listening, reading, and watching what they are most interested in surrounding your niche.


We know those places very well.


Want a demonstration? Call 505-977-2170 and ask for the Asset-Vertising department. :-)


We'll prove it's better for your bottom line every time.